Water Quality

The Clarkdale Municipal Water System files an Annual Water Quality Report with the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality each year.  The annual report, called the "Consumer Confidence Report" is based on a calendar year and describes a number of items including the source of our water and other information about our water system and the quality of water that we deliver to our customers.  Follow the links below for the most recent Annual Water Quality Reports on the Clarkdale Municipal Water System:

2019 Consumer Confidence Report
2018 Consumer Confidence Report
2017 Consumer Confidence Report
2016 Consumer Confidence Report
2015 Consumer Confidence Report
2014 Consumer Confidence Report
2013 Consumer Confidence Report

Understanding Your Water Quality Report


Does my water need additional treatment?

For most people, the answer is no.  Safe Drinking Water Act standards are set to ensure that your tap water is safe. People who have medical conditions that might put them at special risk should discuss the need for a water filter with their doctors. All public water systems are required to complete an Annual Drinking Water Quality Report (a "Consumer Confidence Report") and distribute this report to system users (see list above).

Home Treatment Devices

Many stores and companies sell various home treatment devices, ranging from small faucet-mounted filters to “whole-house” systems to water softeners.  While we cannot recommend specific brands or products, the following information should be helpful.  For specific project information, contact NSF International,  Consumer Report, or the device manufacturer.  Maintenance is important with any home treatment device, as an inadequately maintained filter can actually reduce water quality.