Lisa O'Neill

Town Council
Title: Council Member
Phone: 928-639-2436
Lisa O'Neill

Elected 2020

My name is Alicia O'Neill. Most people know me as Lisa. My father, an engineer with Honeywell, immigrated from Chile in 1947. My mother, an RN from rural Minnesota, was an Army Nurse in WWII.

My husband, John, and I purchased our home in Lower Clarkdale in 1987. At that time, I worked at Jerome Instrument Corporation, an amazing company that manufactured mercury analyzers which were sold all over the world. John worked at the Cottonwood Library, of which he eventually became director.

Most of my professional positions were in marketing and sales, which require travel. This made involvement in my community difficult, though I did serve on the Clarkdale Economic Development Committee in the 1980s. One of our accomplishments was the monument sign on the Broadway entrance to Clarkdale, for which I assisted in writing the grant.

I managed an environmental remediation and construction company with offices in several western states, worked with an international marketing company, and an art gallery.

One of my favorite jobs was at Verde Canyon Railroad. I loved welcoming the world to this great Clarkdale attraction! Special events and a partnership with Liberty Wildlife were highlights of my days at the Railroad. My employer also encouraged me to be part of the Clarkdale General Plan Committee and to work with the Clarkdale Chamber of Commerce, which won several grants that I helped write.

My last professional job was with NACOG. I assisted older adults in acquiring job skills in order to improve their employment potential. To qualify for the program, participants had to have a very low income. This job increased my awareness of the challenges that face our neighbors who are less fortunate.

In addition to presenting myself as a candidate for Town Council, I was accepted to serve on the board of Clarkdale Historical Society and Museum.

I am continuing to volunteer for Clarkdale events.

My jobs have all required independent thinking and collaborative efforts. I believe that the personal values instilled in me by my parents and my varied professional career gives me a good background to work on Clarkdale Town Council. I intend to do my best to represent the interests of all Clarkdale residents.


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