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Click on a chapter name to download a Adobe PDF file of the Town Code Chapter you are interested in. Please note that every attempt is made to keep this copy of the Town Code current, however this is not an official copy of the Town Code.

Disclaimer: This is for informational purposes ONLY and not an official copy of the Town Code or Zoning Code.

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Town Code And Zoning Code2 documents

Town Code Individual Chapters1 document

  • Town Code in One Document.pdf
    document _recordid 371

Town Zoning Code1 document

  • Town Zoning Code 1 - 13.pdf
    document _recordid 374

General Plan1 document

  • 2012 General Plan - voter approved
    document _recordid 159

Economic Development Plans5 documents

  • DRAFT for Comments: 2018-19 Economic Development Plan
    document _recordid 380
  • SR 89A Focus Area Plan
    document _recordid 363
  • Central Business District Focus Area Plan
    document _recordid 362
  • Bitter Creek Industrial Focus Area Plan
    document _recordid 361
  • 2013 Sustainable Community & Economic Development Plan
    document _recordid 161

Focus Area Plans3 documents

  • State Route 89A Plan
    document _recordid 120
  • Bitter Creek Industrial Area Plan
    document _recordid 115
  • 2018 Central Business District Plan
    document _recordid 114