Report a Problem

In case of emergency, dial 911.

Not an Emergency?

  • To reach the Clarkdale Police Department, call 928-634-2921.
  • To reach the Verde Valley Fire District, call 928-634-2578 or Visit Verde Valley Fire District Website.
  • To report a water or sewer leak, contact Public Works - Utilities at call 928-639-2520.
  • To report a complaint about a particular property, contact Community Development at 928-639-2500 or complete this Property Complaint Form (PDF).

Report a Water / Sewer Leak

Water Sewer Leaks InformationReporting System Leaks

To report a leak, call the Public Works Department Water/Wastewater Divisions 24-hours a day at 928-639-2520.

Notice of Repair

In most cases, leaks can be scheduled for repair. The Public Works Department Water/Wastewater Divisions will notify affected residents when there will be a scheduled interruption in service. When there is an interruption in service due to an emergency water main repair our first priority is restoring service to our customers. While we do our best with advance notification, it is not always possible to notify residents before shutting the water off.