Lower TAPCO River Access Point

Lower Tapco River Access PointMountain range near river
3400 Sycamore Canyon Road, Clarkdale, AZ
Hours: 7 am to 1 Hour After Sunset
If gate is locked during operating hours, call 928-634-2921

The Lower TAPCO River Access Point (RAP) is located on approximately 110 acres of private property owned by Freeport McMoRan Copper and Gold, Inc. The site is managed by, and subject to the jurisdiction of, the Town of Clarkdale under an Access License Agreement. The Access License is revocable, so it is up to all of us to work together to make sure the area is used responsibly.

About the Lower TAPCO RAP

View the Boating Map (PDF).

This is a Day Use area and is open year round. The entrance gate is locked on a nightly basis and the time of the gate closure varies by season, which will be posted online and at the gate. Sycamore Canyon Road is paved to the Lower TAPCO River Access Point.

The Lower TAPCO RAP has approximately 9 acres of designated parking/roads, and has a small 1 / 2 acre area designated for public and commercial boat launching. Portable toilets are located in the parking lot directly above the boat launch site.

The east bank of the Verde River at the Lower TAPCO RAP includes approximately 3,500 feet of shoreline that is perfect for picnicking, bird watching, photography or just enjoying the sights and sounds of the river.

From the boat launch site down to Sandy Beach, the river offers alternating pools of slow moving water connected by short chutes of fast moving water. There are four distinct "pond" areas, ranging in size from 4/10ths of an acre to 2 acres, and the rapids in the chutes between offer an exciting change from the relaxing float on the ponds.

Those who choose to walk from the Boat Launch area down to Sandy Beach will cover about.45 miles and can choose a variety of paths through the 9 acre floodplain that spreads out between the two sites. During normal river flows, this area is dry, and you'll be walking along the grassy river bank or through areas of alternating sand and river cobble left by past flood events. No public vehicle access is allowed in this area, which is bordered on the west by the River and its riparian vegetation, and on the east by a mesquite grove that transitions up to the upper bench of the park (outside the floodplain).

Kayaker paddling on Verde River

Pay Station & Vehicle Registration

All private vehicles entering the site are asked to register at the Self-Pay Station just inside the entrance gate. There is a suggested donation of $5 per vehicle. To skip the registration station, you can sign up for a year-long Verde River Membership pass. There is no overnight parking or camping allowed.

Boat Launch      Tuzigoot River Access Point Boat Launch - Landing.

We ask that boaters take the time to prep for their launch while in the parking lots, and move down to the boat launch area only when they are ready to launch. This is an unloading area only, and in consideration of other boaters, those launching should unload promptly and move their vehicles from the boat launch area so that others can launch without much delay. Portable toilets are located in the parking lot directly above the boat launch site.

Quiet Zone Ahead!

Please Respect our Neighbors & Our Wildlife!Quiet Zone Signs

The Town of Clarkdale has designated an area on the Verde River @ Clarkdale as a Quiet Zone. This area is surrounded by private, residential property, and, like other stretches of the river, is home to abundant wildlife. Please respect the Quiet Zone designation by keeping voices to a conversational level and quietly observing your surroundings. Stopping on the shoreline is not permitted other than in emergency situations.

Watch for our Quiet Zone signage as you pass through this area. Follow this link for a map of the Quiet Zone in Clarkdale.