2018 Candidate nomination papers filed


In Arizona, persons are nominated to run for public office in the Primary Election by a petition procedure for nomination. This process allows any qualified voter within the Town boundaries of Clarkdale the opportunity of seeking public office. The nomination paper is a formal notification to the Town Clerk that the individual intends to seek public office. Candidate Nomination Packets are available Monday through Thursday between the hours of 8:00 AM and 5:30 PM and Friday between 8:00 AM and Noon at the Town Hall located at 39 N. Ninth Street, Clarkdale. In order to be on the ballot, completed packets must be filed with the Town Clerk between April 30, 2018 and May 30, 2018. There are two seats with four year terms for Councilmember. A canvass of the August 28, 2018 election results will determine if the November 6, 2018 General Election for local candidates is required.  Town Clerk, Mary Ellen Dunn, may be contacted at 928-639-2453 for specific information.

2018 Candidate Checklist & Packet
Important New Candidate Information
Political Sign Information:
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There are new voter registration requirements due to the implementation of Proposition 200. To avoid any problems with being registered in time for an election, we encourage everyone who is not registered to vote, to register early. Voter registration forms are available at the Yavapai County building, Clarkdale Town Hall and the Clark Memorial Library. The Yavapai County Voter Registration office can be contacted directly at (928) 771-3248, ask for the Voter Registration Office.If this is your first time registering to vote in Arizona, or you have moved from another county in Arizona, your voter registration form must also include proof of citizenship or the form will be rejected. If you have an Arizona driver license or non-operating identification issued after October 1, 1996, write the number in box 13 on the front of the Arizona Voter Registration Form. This will serve as proof of citizenship and no additional documents are needed. If not, you must attach proof of citizenship to the form. Only one acceptable form of proof is needed to register to vote. The following is a list of acceptable documents to establish your citizenship:

  • A legible photocopy of a driver’s license or non-operating identification license issued by another state that identifies United States Citizenship on the license.
  • A legible photocopy of a birth certificate that verified United States Citizenship (if using a married name, you will probably also need to submit a legible copy of your marriage license).
  • A legible photocopy of your United States passport containing your name and passport number.
  • A legible photocopy of United States naturalization documents or the number of the certification of naturalization. If only the number is provided, it will need to be verified before the registration can be processed.
  • A Bureau of Indian Affair’s Card number, Tribal Treaty Card Number or Tribal Enrollment Number on the registration form.
  • A legible photocopy of a Tribal Certificate or Indian Blood or Tribal or Bureau of Indian Affairs Affidavit of Birth.

Do not send originals! To avoid any problems with being registered in time for the election, we encourage everyone who is not registered to vote to register early.

Yavapai County Elections
Arizona Secretary of State

 For Additional Information, Contact:

Mary Ellen Dunn, Town Clerk
Town of Clarkdale
Post Office Box 308
Clarkdale, AZ 86324
Telephone: (928) 639-2400
TTY: 1-800-367-8939
E-Mail: Mary Ellen Dunn